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11-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gets Golden Buzzer For Beautiful Violin Performance

By - 13th June 2019

We’ve all been through hard times. No matter how big or small, your struggles have made you who you are today. Hopefully, you’ve got past them, but if you’re still battling then keep going. 11-year-old Tyler Butler-Figueroa channelled all of his struggles into his beautiful violin performance on America’s Got Talent.

Tyler entered the competition aged 11, and he’s played the violin for four years. His talent and enthusiasm shone through, but not before he’d told his story.

violin playing kid wows judges

Tyler’s mom noticed he was looking a bit pale when they went out for dinner. He was four at the time. She took him to the emergency room, where doctors confirmed her child had leukaemia.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Tyler was bullied at school for his illness. Kids mocked him for being bald. Others started rumors that his cancer was contagious so that kids would avoid him. He was really unhappy at school.

violin playing kid wows judges

But one day, the school offered free violin lessons after school. He really wanted to go. His mom let him, even though there was no-one musical in the family. But, he soon picked up the skills.

He practised a lot and noticed himself improving the more he played. Soon, he became known as “the kid with the violin” in school. He was happy that he was no longer “the kid with cancer”.

violin playing kid wows judges

Everything culminated in a huge performance in front of the AGT judges and audience. He performed the apt song What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger to rapturous applause. He got a standing ovation for his energetic performance, but more importantly, Simon pushed his golden buzzer.

Tyler has been on an incredible journey, and it will only go further. Let us know what you think of his story in the comments, and share with your family and friends. Check out similar inspirational stories on Happiest, such as this one about a hero football coach.