Return to top 11 y/o Girl Refuses To Leave New Born Goat In The Snow And Her Ingenious Idea Is Heroic

11 y/o Girl Refuses To Leave New Born Goat In The Snow And Her Ingenious Idea Is Heroic

By - 3rd January 2018

11-year-old Hamdü Sena Bilgin is wise beyond her years and proved it recently when she went above and beyond to care for her herd when they encountered trouble on a snowy mountain.

Hamdü’s family own a small farm where they raise goats in order to sell their milk, and Hamdü pulls her weight by acting as the goatherd. With her loyal dog, Tomi, by her side, they walk the goats every day to ensure that they graze and get the exercise they need. Even if this means setting out in treacherous conditions.

One day, Hamdü and Tomi were watching over the herd as they grazed on a snowy hillside when one of the flock suddenly fell to the ground. It turned out that the female goat was going into labour and, right there and then, she gave birth to a newborn baby.

Knowing that the goat and her baby would be too weak to make it back down the mountain on their own, she came up with a brilliant plan.

After the goat gave birth, I led the rest of the herd back to their shelter. Then I grabbed two backpacks from the house and went back to the goat and her baby with Tomi.

Emptying out her school bags back at the house, Hamdü and Tomi returned back up the mountain to tend to the goat and her baby.

Loading the precious cargo into the bags, (the mother goat into her own and the baby goat into a backpack she strapped to Tomi) they made their way back down the hillside. Momma goat kept her eyes on her baby the whole time as Tomi carefully carried the baby on his back.

With treacherous thick snow to manoeuvre through, it was a risky journey, but they pushed on and eventually made it back to the farm.

The baby and her mother are now thriving on the farm, all thanks to Hamdü’s quick thinking and care for her herd.

Hamdü’s amazing care for her animals is inspirational. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and share her story with your friends. ?