Return to top 103 y/o Woman Gets A Cat For Her Birthday, And Her Heart-Warming Reaction Will Brighten Up Your Day

103 y/o Woman Gets A Cat For Her Birthday, And Her Heart-Warming Reaction Will Brighten Up Your Day

By - 27th April 2018

Lillian was celebrating her birthday at the Ridgeview Gardens Assisted Living where she lives in Utah. But this wasn’t any ordinary birthday – Lillian had just turned 103!

Lillian’s friends at the centre for assisted living thought it would a great idea to throw their good friend a big surprise party. They planned on going all out for Lillian; cake, decorations and fun all around. But most importantly, they wanted to give Lillian a very special gift.

Lillian was left feeling a little lonely

Not too long ago, Lillian had a cat named Sammy who she loved with all her heart. Unfortunately, Sammy passed away, furthermore, it left a huge absence in Lillian’s heart.

She always dreamed of having another cat in her life – so guess what she got for her birthday… Lillian’s wishes had been granted, the team found her a cat called Marley who was craving some companionship. He was the perfect match for Lillian.

The staff at the facility contacted the St. George Animal Shelter and found out about a lovely little 9-year-old kitty who was full of love and life.

Animal Service Officer Joe Harradine who brought Marley to the party said “Lillian was surprised and overjoyed at Marley’s appearance during her birthday lunch,”

“She instantly took Marley on her lap and they both cuddled each other.”

Lillian and Marley immediately became the purr-fect pair

At first, Lillian didn’t realise the cat was for her. She just thought they’d brought it round to snuggle for a bit. She had no idea that Marley was to be her new feline friend.

“When she was told that Marley wasn’t visiting, but was going to be her cat, she gasped and hugged Marley even more. We could tell a connection between Marley and Lillian was instant. Lillian had a big smile and also shed happy tears over Marley.”

The facility staff and Harradine brought the cat inside to get him climatised to his new surroundings while the party continued. But all Lillian talked about was wanting to go inside to be with him, immediately, the staff knew they were destined to be firm friends.

Lillian and Marley

The birthday party was a huge success! But not just because of the festivities, Lillian and Marley had both found somebody to love that day. Marley isn’t just loved by Lillian, he seems to be a huge hit with the residents and staff too.

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