Return to top 10 y/o Tap Dancer Has Showdown With Pro, But When He Starts To Spin The Crowd Gasps 

10 y/o Tap Dancer Has Showdown With Pro, But When He Starts To Spin The Crowd Gasps 

By - 23rd January 2018

It’s rare that you see a child give an adult professional dancer a run for their money. But in this video of a seasoned pro and a little boy performing an elaborate tap routine, it’s hard to decide who is the better dancer. 

I can never get my head around how people can move their feet so quickly and loosely to tap dance. People train for years to perfect their technique and gain the fluidity required to conquer the complicated routines. But young Luke Spring is already a child prodigy in tap dancing at the age of 13-years-old.

Since 2010, Luke has been impressing audiences all over the world with his incredible talent. The tap dancing prodigy from Ashburn, is a YouTube darling, performing on New York stages and on TV since a young age.

Luke is classed as one of the best young dancers in North America and it’s easy to see why. His tap dancing is sublime and he is apparently also an incredible dancer in hip-hop, jazz and lyrical styles on top of it. He even took two months out of fourth grade to appear in ‘A Christmas Story: The Musical’ on Broadway.

So when Luke joined up with Justin M. Lewis to perform a routine at the D.C Tap Festival in 2011, it goes without saying that they absolutely blew the crowd away. Performing a tag-team routine, they performed to a sold-out crowd at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and left the audience speechless.

Luke is only 10-years-old in this video and his tapping is phenomenal so I can’t even imagine how advanced he must be now that he is older!

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